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Assisted Living Facility in Holly, Michigan

Senior & Hospice Care

When your loved one can no longer live with you and your family, turn to our group home for top-quality senior and hospice care. Our friendly caregivers assist him or her with daily tasks while providing them with a safe and loving place to live out their final years.

Our Facility

Because our facility is located in rural Michigan, you loved one can spend their days in the quiet beauty of the surrounding countryside. With beautiful views and excellent care available 24-hours a day, your loved one will never be without a place of solace.

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About Us

Have the peace of mind knowing that your loved one lives in the comfort of a home-like residence when they join us at our assisted living facility in Holly, Michigan. Since June of 2007, His Caring Arms has helped families all over the state care for family members suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

As a family group home located on 8-acres of beautiful rural countryside, we are dedicated to providing your loved one with personalized one-on-one attention and assistance 24-hours a day. At our facility, your family is our family.